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The network security practice of Bennett Gold LLP, Chartered Accountants.

Analysis & Evaluation

Your organization's well-being depends on its ability to safeguard its assets. This ability is dependent on three factors: Technology, Processes and People.

With varying degrees of depth and detail we approach each factor from a unique perspective - ultimately to build a culture where Security Matters.

1. Technology

I.   Network infrastructure
II.   Systems
III.   Servers
IV.   Workstations
V.   Software inventory
VI.   Installed software
VII.   Installed variations
VIII.   Automated systems
IX.   Systems redundancy
X.   Custom software

2. Processes

I.   Technology change & management policies
II.   Process evaluation and implementation procedures
III.   Automated processes
IV.   Administrative (systems) procedures
V.   Administrative (hr) processes
VI.   HR process introduction and change
VII.   Emergency procedures and extraordinary circumstances
VIII.   Authority and accountability
IX.   Workflow introduction & evolution
X.   Systems-dependent procedures

3. People

I.   Training and development
II.   Authority and accountability
III.   Technology access levels
IV.   People issues: complexity of management
V.   Security-related HRIS entries
VI.   External individual management
VII.   The impact of leisure activity & corporate resources
VIII.   Cultural issues

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